Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Third Chapter

Thrust Ominous wasn’t too happy. He was pretty mad. In fact, he was so mad, he didn’t even notice the balls of fire spinning in his hands, crackling nearby branches and smoking bushes as he walked on through the dark forest. The forest was known for its thickness. It was called the Epais. Most of it was covered in shadow, and Thrust was coming up to one of the only clearings in the whole of Epais; it was big and almost too bright for someone emerging from the trees.

In the light stood four figures. They were shoving each other around and laughing stupidly. It was almost as if they were on a picnic. Thrust marched right out of the forest up to them. They didn’t notice him at all. Thrust was about to open his mouth to shout out something furious, but someone was shoved into him. Thrust caught him in his burning hands and the falling guy suddenly lost his grin. He jumped up, and twirled around. His name was Gregory Deep.
“Hey, what’s the idea?” he yelled.
Everyone noticed Thrust now. The tallest one of the group, Randal Edgemore, suddenly gazed down harshly. Thrust let out the flames in his hands.
“I’m tired of you all!” Thrust said, “Not one of you has been nice to me ever since I joined your stupid group, and not one of you has been doing anything to help me do these stupid tasks!”
“Look, bud,” said Randal. “You wanted to join our clan, we let you join our clan. You must prove yourself worthy of staying in our clan. We can’t just let you join us if we know you’re no good. And you expect us to be nice to you? We’re plenty nice to you. Everything we do is for your own good.”
“Like the time we stuck you in the Pyramid of Hurt!” said the only girl there, Trundle Pine. “We purposely locked the door before you could get out to see how creatively you could escape. In my opinion, though, you failed that test. Even though it was cool that you blew up the wall, you could’ve at least spared us the trouble of having to kill all those demons.”
“I have to fix everything you guys do. You practically depend on me for survival,” said Thrust.
“Yes, well, you don’t seem to have a problem with that. Did you get the key, or what?” Randal asked.
“I have a very big problem with that! How would you like to be responsible for the death of everyone including yourself? You wouldn’t know because you’ve always gave ME that responsibility.”
“Hey, look, man, we’re all friends…” said the guy Thrust burnt.
These people were not Thrust’s friends. Randal had offered a position on his team after they met. He claimed they needed an Elemental to back up his forces. After that, Thrust had done no less than breaking in and out of places to pass tests and to stay alive. This was week four. He has begun to know each of his clan mates very well, and by the looks of things, they were never going to quit making him suffer.
“Okay guys, we’ve got to think of a name to call ourselves,” said Randal, turning his back to Thrust.
Thrust was too weak to stick around alone. He had enemies now, he was sure of it. If they knew where he was, or found out how terrible a fighter he was, at least they may be more cautious if they knew the Adepts he was being protected by.
Protection was what he needed. But really he needed to look protected. If he could last long enough with these morons, then maybe he wouldn’t be hunted.
“How about Team Awesome?” suggested Deep.
“That’s a stupid name, Deep,” Pine practically screamed. She was very particular with serious stuff like this. “How bout, the Warriors and a Lizard?” Everyone burst out laughing. They really were idiots.
“No wait,” said the one who hasn’t spoken yet. His name is Bijou. You’d think that since he’s so quiet, he’d say smart things, “Lizards are cool.” But he doesn’t.
Thrust sighed as they went into another argument over what was cool, and what was a suitable comparison for Thrust. He may have suggested some better names, but they would be put off as “the worst names on earth”.
“Okay, guys I’m leaving,” Thrust announce at last.
“How ‘bout the Randle, Gregory, Bijou, Trundle and some other kid club?” suggested Gregory.
“Hey why is my name last?” shouted Trundle.
“It’s not,” said Gregory, “You’re forgetting about the ‘and some other kid’ part.”
“Why does my name have to be next to his?!”
Randal interjected, “Come on, this is a team name, you should keep it short.”
Thrust was really getting tired of this, “I SAID I’M LEAVING!” he shouted.
“Fine, see you later,” said Trundle.
“No, I mean I quit. You guys are not helping me improve my magic in any way, I can’t say anything to you without being made fun of, and again, I do everything for you.”
“You can’t leave. You need us!” Gregory said.
“I’ll get over it.” Thrust replied and turned around.
“No you won’t.” Randal said.
“Yes, I think I’ll be fine.”
“You think we don’t know why you’re with us? We know what advantage you want. You can’t hide your thoughts from us. If you’re not with us, you’re against us. That makes us your enemies. And we know where you hide.”
Thrust stopped walking away. Then he started again. If they wanted to kill him, they would have already. He just couldn’t stand them.
“Don’t think of returning, Thrust.” Randal said. A list of responses floated into Thrust mind, but he just walked on in silence.


  1. That's really good! Stop beating yourself up, Thrust!!

  2. DUDE. How dare you say this is bad???? It is very well written. Everything flowed smoothly and was thought out well.

    1. That's what we've been telling him! Y'see, Thrust?